About me

Comtesse Larissa

Sophisticated Domination und Heavy Rubber Worship
Rubber & Clinical Mistress

„Versuchungen sollte man nachgeben. Wer weiß, ob sie wiederkommen!“
(Oscar Wilde)

My name is Comtesse Larissa – a lady who is going to find your deepest desires and fantasies. Our first meeting will be marked by erotic rituals and imaginative play between a mistress and her slave. In a detailed, personal conversation, we will find out if our two inclinations, trust and sympathy are so great that you’re willing to completely surrender the game and give me all control about yourself.

comtesse-larissa-1Rubber and Latex is the material which you infatuated and what you’re addicted? Then you have found in me the perfect antagonist for living out your bizarre and erotic rubber fantasies, I am a passionate and true rubber fetishist which perfectly masters all variations of latex fetish and lives it out also in private live. I’ll take total control of your thoughts and imprison your body in tight latex.

In relentless rubber bondage you’ll see on my eyes every whish. I’ll bring your dark and bizarre side to light, you never thought that it is so strong. But not only rubber and bondage fascinates me. Also and in particular to enhance the classical dominance to leave with its many facets and possibilities commute your body between lustful ecstasy and beguiling pain and so expand your boundaries and your willingness, your mistress to serve without exception.

I bring in each session my personality and complete range of my sadism. I am both emotionally and warm, but also a hard and painful goddess. Hard but fair! I combine my empathy and warmth with my sadistic cruelty and my dominance brings your desire to serve me even more apparent.

You will wear invisible chains that will bind you all your life to me that you have ever tasted the delicious nectar of our bizarre and tintillating SM erotica. I will guide you and form. You will proudly wear the label „Trained by Comtesse Larissa“.


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Ich bin offen für Neues und erweitere gerne meinen „SM-Fetisch-Horizont“!
Allerdings lehne ich bleibende Schäden und illegale Praktiken strikt ab!


– Latex
– Heavy Rubber
– Masken
– High Heels
– Nylons


– GV, OV, AV
– KV
– Vomit
– bleibende Schäden
– und alle illegalen Praktiken